What Training Equipment Do Pro Football Players Wear?


When it comes to training, the football player must wear a variety of protective gear. This equipment includes Flak jackets, body pads, Tack gloves, and dummies. These pieces of equipment help the players protect their bodies during games. Strobe Sport noted they are also used for practice before the season begins.

Flak jackets

Flak jackets are protective vests worn by professional football players. They are a good way to protect players from high-explosive weapons. These vests are made of a tough material and offer protection from the sun, wind, and even the elements. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

Flak jackets are also known as rib protectors, and they protect the ribs and lower torso of football players. They are often worn by quarterbacks to reduce the risk of injury during tackling. The vests are usually attached to shoulder pads. These jackets can cost $40 to $50.

Tack gloves

As part of the training equipment for football players, tack gloves can help them improve their grip. They are also useful for covering ball-handling players such as running backs. The design of these gloves leverages C-TACK performance grip material to improve the grip of the defensive back. Because defensive backs have to depend on their gloves, they must be durable and not give out easily. To ensure that these gloves won't wear out, they feature patented RevTack Recharge technology.

The invention of these gloves was made possible because of the technological advances made in them. They are made from a special type of grippy polymer that is 20 percent stickier than the human hand. This material is one of the most important parts of pro football players' training equipment.

Body pads

Body pads are an important part of pro football players' training equipment. They are made of shock-absorbing foam that's secured by straps or buckles and cover the shoulders, chest and ribs. The pads can be purchased separately or as a complete set. Players can choose between lightweight pads with a thin foam cushion that doesn't restrict their line of vision or head movements or more massive ones that can be customized for a more customized fit.

While body pads were first used to protect the neck and shoulders, they've evolved and improved to protect the whole body during game play. Today's gear is more comfortable and lighter than ever and improves agility and mobility.

Tack dummies

Tackling dummies are used by players and coaches to improve tackling, blocking, and blocking technique. Tackling dummies are similar to the real-life opponent in appearance and feel, but are designed for non-contact use to minimize injury. Pro football players use tack dummies as part of their training program.

These dummies are very realistic. When a player is tackling a dummy, he has to recognize an opening and make a run to free himself. This usually means losing the defender that he originally was facing and running into open space. To get away from the dummy, a receiver must make sure he is free and can easily receive the ball.

Guardian Caps

The Guardian Cap is a new piece of football equipment that is being worn by pro football players during training camp. This head protection system was developed to reduce the number of head impacts during play and is used by NFL, college and high school players, as well as youth football leagues.

On Twitter, Los Angeles Rams offensive lineman David Edwards expressed how important the Guardian Cap is. Also, NFL's chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, spoke on the Guardian Cap during a recent NFL Network interview. Over the last few years, the NFL has focused a lot of attention on player safety, and a number of new protocols have been implemented to protect players from head injuries.

In order to reduce the number of head injuries and concussions during football training camps, the NFL has made efforts to change the rules and encourage players to wear better-performing helmets. The league has also made changes to training practices and game techniques. One notable change is the mandatory use of the Guardian Caps during training camp, which are mandatory for certain position groups.